Reflection on technology


I have always been quite tech savvy. In high school, I took a number of web design and programming classes but never really got a chance to use those skills in a practical sense.  This project allowed me to test my skills while learning some new ones. Although I have done research projects before, they were always more confined. This project was a new experience for me because I had free reign to find my sources using whatever resources I could find. This project also allowed me to use tools and websites that I either didn’t know about before or didn’t think that I would use for this sort of thing.

For instance, I never thought that I would use twitter on a research project. I have had a twitter account for over a year but it has always been for personal reasons. However, in the process of searching for people to interview, I realized that twitter was a great search engine to find professionals. I was able to get a name, and often times a website, from their twitter profile which led me to a way to contact them. In the end I was able to talk to two sports psychologists and got a full interview with one at the top of her field.

In the future, I would recommend that a student would think about the specifics of their papers fairly early. I recommend this because I began researching a very general topic, and, while this was beneficial in the end, I wish I would have thought about my final writings and researched more on the specifics of that topic.

I found the research for this paper refreshing. Coming into this project all my research projects were done using one of a few article finding services, but this project opened up my research opportunities. I was able to broaden my research scope. In fact, I found that I was able to use many of the sites that I frequent on a day to day basis.

There are many things from this project that I will use in the future. For one, I found that using tumblr as a research blog was a great idea. I found that the quick posting add-on made it simple to make a point on the link and then continue reading. Using tumblr also makes the final works cited page much simpler because all of the sources are compiled in one place. I also enjoyed using wordpress and will definitely use it in the future. Their tools made it simple to make a quick site that features good design. This added with my previous knowledge of web design only helped me further customize my hub site.

I think that this type of project would be very beneficial for other classes. It allows for more freedom in topics and research which, in turn, leads to projects that people really care about. That added with the fact that some of the aspects take a good deal of time yields project that a student can be proud of.


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